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VM Mart Premium Poultry Chicken, Turkey Starter Crumble Cattle Feed for Chick Stage

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  • Ingredients: yellow maize, Salt, Soyabean meal, Groundnut cake, Unsalted dried fish, Mineral mixture.
  • Ideal for all Chicks like Country Hen, Turkey etc. …
  • Guaranteed Result.
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VM Mart Premium Chicken and Turkey starter crumble cattle feed has Nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins provide for optimal development of bone, flesh, feathers and eggs. At the chick stage there is a higher demand for nutrition to match the rapid growth and feather development. The feeding management of layer pellets is aimed at enabling them to attain sexual maturity at the desired age but at the same time avoiding obesity.

The feed is fortified with necessary digestible amino acids, vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, toxin binders and other required nutrients to ensure the best possible Hen House Production %. The feed intake is kept at a steady level of 108-112 grams per day to maintain the layer body weight at 1300-1450 grams.


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